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Heavy Precision Engineering

The company is long established and has highly regarded end users including MOD, Transport for London, Network Rail, Airbus and NASA.

Our products are used as bases for an extensive range of equipment including Industrial Pumps, Vibration test and Measurement platforms, each individual project requiring exacting standards and a high degree of accuracy.

Our products have to perform in the most severe weather conditions both desert and sub-zero temperatures at various testing facilities around the world including Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Pump bases for the oil and gas industries both on and offshore have been manufactured at the company for many years and we are now considered to be expert in our given markets.

Our test beds are used to validate an eclectic mix of high profile projects such as the 380 Airbus, military hardware and the Rover Space mission vehicle to Mars. Other products tested on our smaller equipment range from mobile telephones, TVs and car dashboards for squeak and rattle testing amongst others.

Projects for Civil’s and construction are also undertaken with our ability to machine and fabricate large products in house. Our products have been utilised in various buildings including Wembley Stadium, Trent Bridge cricket ground, Ikea buildings and B&Q structures.